June 13, 2018: Jenny

Jenny is a YFC Champion! She serves as a leader and mentor in our Parent Life Ministry. She has a huge heart for teen mamas and it never goes without showing! She is always ready to jump in to help in any way possible. Jenny is a true example of what it means to share God’s love and light. We are so blessed to have her on our team!

June 6, 2018: Phil Raker

Phil Raker is a YFC Champion! Phil was one of our first Casino Road volunteers. He is an elementary school teacher in our community who’s heart to see his students succeed both in and out of school is more than apparent. Over the years, Phil has helped as a cabin leader, small group leader, game leader, Project Serve leader, van driver, etc. He is particularly supportive in making sure that money is not a reason our kids can’t go to camp every Summer! Phil is loved and valued by all!

May 30, 2018: David Grisham

David Grisham is a YFC Champion! He serves as a mentor in our Juvenile Justice Ministry. He has mentored one of our toughest kids and did it with humor and poise. Every time there is an opportunity, he goes above and beyond what is expected of him. No matter what, we can always count on David to go the extra mile for our youth and love them even through the tough times and rebellion.

May 23, 2018: Anne Marie Dibble

Anne Marie Dibble is a YFC Champion! She was one of our first Casino Road volunteers. She has served our kids and community for years doing everything from helping them get counseling, go to college, get insurance, get documented, and find almost any resource they need to be successful! Not only that, but she LOVES God and is always praying for our students and seeking to help them know God and grow in him more and more! Anne Marie is the mother-shepherd of our community!

May 16, 2018: Nate Volk

Nate Volk is a YFC Champion! He has gone above and beyond as a volunteer at our Othello Youth Center. As a student at North Seattle Community College, Nate takes the light rail to South Seattle multiple times a week to build Christ-sharing relationships with kids. If you go down there when Nate is volunteering, you will find him playing basketball and going all out so that each kid knows they are loved. Not only does he give of his time, but he is actively recruiting donors that can send kids to camp this summer. Moreover, Nate is going to be a YFC intern next year!

May 9, 2018: Kian Layson

Kian is a YFC Champion! He has been volunteering with us for the past four years at City Life and has served as a cabin leader at camp. Kian pursues relationships with the kids even outside of club and consistently shows genuine love toward them. He brings a great sense of humor to club and our students really adore him as a leader and friend. We are so grateful for Kian!

May 2, 2018: Drew Constanzer

Drew is a YFC Champion! In many way, Drew has made the mission of YFC his own. He regularly gives, prays, and shares the work with others! This past week, Drew purchased a brand new ping pong table for YFC's youth center in South Seattle, delivered it, and set it up. Since that day, the table has been used constantly! He goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of kids.

April 28, 2018: Liz Laryea

Liz is a YFC Champion! She is a part of our Parent Life family and serves our teen moms by providing child care during program. Program happens every other week and Liz is always committed to caring for the babies so that our moms can enjoy a meal, fellowship with each other and learn valuable life skills. Liz consistently shows up to love these moms and their babies and we are so appreciative of her!

April 18, 2018: Danielle Huston

Danielle is a YFC Champion! She demonstrates the love of Jesus in all that she does. Not only does she serve as a faithful giving partner, but she gives of her time regularly to teen moms through our Parent Life ministry. She is always available for these young moms and regularly equips and encourages them with her own story of being a parent. She is such a gift to the mission of YFC and we are so honored to partner with her for the sake of kids!

April 11, 2018: Jim Wilkin

Jim is a YFC Champion! He serves as a JJM mentor and works alongside youth who are caught up in the juvenile justice system. Jim shows endless compassion and grace to these kids and never gives up on them even when they pull away. His friendship is valued by many and his non-judgmental approach to relationships allows for the forming of deep connections between him and others.

April 4, 2018: Brian Biege

Brian Biege is a YFC Champion! Not only does he serve on our Board of Directors, but recently his family has come alongside our ministry in South Seattle to serve in a big way! They provided several meals for programs as well as purchased sports equipment (basketballs, footballs, etc.) for the gym we use every day. Brian is busy with a job and young family, but he has found time to use the resources God has given to make a big difference.


March 28, 2018: Warren Mainard

Warren is a YFC Champion! He pastors Essential Church in Bellevue and spearheads a movement called LoveBellevue committed to serving youth & families on the Eastside. Warren has not only served as a volunteer for our City Life ministry in Bellevue, but his church regularly gives to the mission of YFC. In addition, we have the honor of collaborating with Essential Church to host an annual Easter Egg Hunt that blesses the community. This past weekend, over 5,000 people participated in the Hunt. Wow!

March 21, 2018: Todd Mcneal

Todd is a YFC Champion! Todd used to serve as a YFC volunteer on Casino Road and is now the Executive Director of one of our partner organizations, Hand in Hand. He helped bridge this partnership and relentlessly advocates for youth in the Everett area. He is a foster parent and helps with fundraising for summer camp every year!

March 14, 2018: Caralee Hudson

Caralee is a YFC hero! Caralee volunteers with Parent Life and is a mentor to pregnant and parenting teen moms! She frequently shows up early to help set up for club, speaks wisdom into the lives of our young moms, and truly has a heart for serving.

March 7, 2018: Hannah Skytte

Hannah is a YFC Champion! She volunteers weekly with our Monroe City Life Club. Hannah is always willing to step up when help is needed. She is also very patient with our kids and knows how to love them even when they are acting out. Hannah is dedicated to our kids and shows up to love them each and every week! 

February 28, 2018: Ethan Vaughn

Ethan is a YFC Champion! After attending our Fall banquet, Ethan became a monthly donor, but he didn't stop there! He wanted to get involved in an even deeper way, so he began to volunteer at the Othello Youth Center every Wednesday. He loves spending time with the kids, engaging with them through different types of activities and acting as a positive role model in their lives. 

February 21, 2018: Jasmine Vail

Jasmine is a YFC Champion! She serves at the Othello Youth Center and co-leads a Bible study at Franklin High School. Jasmine is very intentional about her relationships with the kids and is always available when needed. She does everything with passion and a cheerful heart and is an essential part of our team!

February 14, 2018: Scott and Amber

Scott and Amber are YFC Champions! They have served in many different capacities: providing a meal each month at our programs in Monroe, serving at YFC Camp each summer, and even driving a bus full of students for events. Amber has also mentored Minta Buse in both high school and college. These YFC Champions love Jesus and have opened their home for so many in the community. Because of Scott and Amber, kids’ lives are being changed!

February 7, 2018: Mike Archer

Mike is a YFC Champion! He is engaged in this mission in countless ways: he mentors a kid in our Juvenile Justice ministry, works to train and equip future mentors, helps plan our annual Golf Classic, and gives regularly of his kingdom and financial resources. We are so humbled to have Mike as a part of the YFC family!