God in All Things - Vasti’s Prayer Update

Posted on by YFC Seattle

By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director


Ministry continues to look different for us this summer.  Despite that, absolute goal and vision for ministry in this season is to glorify Jesus with our stories.  We are continuing to give life to our stories despite all the pain being experienced.  While things are not back to how they were (and probably will not return to how they were), we are staying optimistic and making the best of our summer days.

We visited a blueberry, strawberry and raspberry farm in Carnation.  It was an experience of appreciation as we thought about people in our lives who work in agriculture.  It is hard work!

We hiked to Franklin Falls and got to experience the stillness of nature.

This season canceled many plans for our students and their families.  We were looking forward to celebrating Poleth’s Quinceañera, but it was postponed until next year.  In Mexican culture, this is a big and meaningful celebration.  We celebrated Poleth by taking her out to eat to Cheesecake Factory and taking pictures at Newcastle Beach Park.

We have been visiting hidden treasures around King county.  So, we visited Truetea for boba in Kent. We were feeling all kinds of pretty with the cherry blossom tree.

We planned a surprise baby shower for Destiny and Nathan.  They are expecting a baby girl in December.  They are key people on our team.  They love our students well and speak life into them.  I am grateful for their leadership in our community.

Personal Update:
For those that don’t know, an affair broke up my family when I was 6 years old.  My family became distant from our extended family to best protect our hearts.  I go back to my home town in Orange County often to visit my siblings and father.  I am very independent and usually keep to myself when I'm with my family - sometimes visiting them is more exhausting than not.  However, this time was different.
On July 25th, my family got together for the first time in 20 years.  It was a beautiful moment. I was skeptical and kept my guard up to protect myself from more hurt, but God showed up!  Conversations that have been needing to happen, happened.  Grace was given and received.  God's love conquered.  Forgiveness was felt.  My heart rejoices.  God is good.  I am excited to bond with my cousins in healthy ways and speak of God's wonders with them.


  • Pray for our families who continue to struggle to make ends meet and are worried for what the next months will look like with school being online
  • Pray for more volunteers and meal teams.  If you feel called to serve with us by providing a meal, feel free to respond to this email.
  • Pray for me to stay engaged, encouraged, creative, and flexible as our team works to put a plan together for how we will continue to move forward.
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