Warren Mainard - December 2019 Ministry Update

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Leah and a few of our Bellevue CityLife students helped kids with crafts in Othello for our Christmas Shoe Box delivery.

By Warren Mainard, CORE & Youth Ministry Network Director


Goodbye, 2019.  As we rang in the New Year and welcomed one another into a new decade, I couldn't help but pause to reflect and rejoice over a year filled with seeking and finding, hurting and healing, waving goodbye and saying hello.  

December included hosting a Christmas lunch for Youth Pastors in our community.  We laughed, shared stories and encouraged each other with our own unique experiences balancing ministry with marriage and family.  

We took a group of students from our Bellevue City Life to deliver Christmas gifts to over 500 children and family members of Mixteco migrant workers in Othello, WA.  This is the continuation of a 5 year relationship and we are excited to explore potential mission trip opportunities back to Othello this year! 

I also had the opportunity to slow down and spend significant time with students, staff, volunteers, parents and partners.  Some conversations lasted 15 minutes, others lasted 2+ hours.  There is something really powerful that happens when you can engage with people and not be looking at your watch for the next appointment! I hope to be able to do more of that in 2020!

Finally, I enjoyed spending wonderful time with Leah, Krista and Micah over the winter break.  We baked together, played games together, created our annual "Micah and Krista Merry Christmas Show" together and so much more.  I enjoy testing the limits of how "dorky" I can be with my kids and have them still love me.  Thankfully, I haven't found the edge yet!  On Christmas, we read through the introduction of each of the Gospel's (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and thought through the different ways that Jesus is presented in each.  God is doing some good work in our family, and I am grateful for that too!

Meet the Chairman of my new Community Support Team! John Pearson celebrated Christmas early with a UW Basketball Game.


We have God-sized dreams and prayers for ministry in 2020!  Please pray for -

  • The vision of CORE and Saturate the Schools to gain momentum in 2020.
  • Our Community Support Team to grow and flourish.
  • God to provide for our personal needs and ministry goals.
  • Pray for our next ONE Night on Friday, January 31st at Northwest University.

Have you played this game before?  At our Bellevue CityLife, students raced to unwrap a cellophane ball with gifts wrapped up in it!


  • Check Out ONE Night - If you live in the area and care about young people, please come and visit us at ONE Night on January 31st.  I would love for you to see what God is doing first hand!
  • Mark Your Calendar - I will be hosting a table for our "Be The Story" Spring Dessert on April 24th.  I would love to have some good friends sitting at my table!  Also, if you play golf or if you want to make fun of my golf game, please plan on joining us for our YFC Golf Tourney on May 29th at Newcastle Golf Course.

Thank you for being a part of this past year with me! I look forward to seeing how God grows our friendship together in 2020!

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