A New Way to Engage Youth

The Problem

Youth today are in crisis and experiencing unprecedented levels of suicide, loneliness, anxiety, and deep identity issues. They need to know the hope found in the love of Jesus, but traditional evangelical methods are proving to no longer be effective. In other words, youth today are harder to reach. New, strategic, and cutting-edge solutions are desperately needed. 

YFC's Solution

Compelled by the love of Jesus, we are going to make the gospel message visible in the lives of countless youth in the Seattle area. This will be done through the development of an innovative new outreach tool called the Mobile Youth Center.

The Mobile Youth Center is an RV that has been retrofitted and redesigned to engage youth in a whole new way. Not only will it have room to fit 25 people for the purpose of small groups, conversations about Jesus, and building authentic, Christ-sharing relationships, it takes seriously our commitment to go where youth are. We will not wait for youth to come to us, we will go to them. 

This Mobile Youth Center will be utilized to expand and build upon our existing urban ministry outreach around the region. Every week, it will be driven to strategic areas where our team of staff and volunteers will engage youth culture with the gospel in a brand new way. 

What is the brand new way? The RV will be retrofitted to engage students with music, food, video games and other youth friendly activities that encourage relationship building.

The time is now for this type of creativity and innovation. 

Campaign Goals

Amazingly, this Mobile Youth Center already exists and has been in operation for 9 years in Ontario, Canada through Youth for Christ. With only 10,000 miles and limited wear & tear, it is in great shape and ready to be used to reach youth in Seattle. They are selling it to us for ONLY $22,500. This is 10% of the cost if purchased & built brand-new.   

This Mobile Youth Center Campaign is straightforward: Raise $75,000 by June 30, 2020. These funds will not only purchase and upgrade the RV for use, but will provide operational costs for three years. 

Cost Breakdown - 

  • Purchase, Taxes, Licensing & Insurance — $30,000
  • Vinyl Wrap, & Equipment Upgrade — $25,000
  • General Maintenance & Gas — $20,000


Campaign Benchmarks - 

  • Raise $35,000 by March 1, 2020
  • Raise $75,000 by May 1, 2020

Mobile Youth Center Launch Timeline -

  • Purchase the Mobile Youth Center in March 2020. 
  • Driven from Ontario, Canada to Seattle in April 2020. 
  • Mobile Youth Center Campaign Tours in April/May 2020.
  • New Branding & Equipment Upgrades in May 2020.
  • Ministry Launch: June 2020

Ministry Impact Projections -

  • Number of youth reached: 2,500
  • Number of youth in Christ-sharing relationships: 625
  • Number of decisions for Christ: 300
  • Number of new youth involved in the local church: 150


At the end of three years, YFC will evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of the Mobile Youth Center moving forward. We anticipate that this innovative program will be a significant success across the board and will continue to grow — with the potential to expand its impact through the purchase of a second Mobile Youth Center. 

In the event that the program becomes too big of a burden to handle, we know that the funds raised went to impacting the lives of kids and were not used in vain. We will, in turn, sell the RV and recoup some of the purchasing costs.