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A New Chapter in 2023

The Seattle YFC Board of Directors is proud to announce Mike Davis as the new Executive Director. Mike moves into this position after three years as Ministry Director for the South Seattle YFC. Mike developed the Cultured program that fully integrates the Seattle YFC mission into the community, schools, juvenile detention, homes, and streets in South Seattle. Mike will be bringing a new, community-oriented direction for Seattle YFC.

Mike brings a strong leadership track record of bringing Jesus’s love directly to where the youth need it most. He spoke about what they did in South Seattle in 2022:

“To begin, we were able to ensure that youth and their families were able to receive meals delivered to their homes; families were also able to purchase groceries using gift cards donated to us to be used at local grocery stores. In addition to helping provide basic needs for our youth and families, we had the privilege of sending students to the midwest to experience a new form of camp this summer called STEAM Camp. At this camp students were able to explore skills and opportunities within science, technology, English, arts, and math. This camp encouraged our students to expand their horizons as they began considering future career choices. We have also been able to leverage resources by connecting with other community partners to provide safe passage for our young people as they are moving between school and afterschool activities. Our Cultured outreach program provides ongoing weekly activities that give youth a safe space and opportunities to grow and connect with each other through the creative and performing arts, academic support, small groups, and other ministry opportunities.

All of the activities mentioned above are not just things that we do to keep ourselves and our young people occupied; these are moments that we are creating, and these moments create momentum that launch our youth and this ministry into spaces where we can share the Gospel and live out the love of Jesus Christ.”

We are excited to see Mike and his team rebuild Seattle YFC with a renewed emphasis on the youth who have historically received the least attention and have been consistently underserved.