Serving & Loving our Community

As the local area and the world at large continue to grapple with the ever changing reality of dealing with COVID-19, each day seems to bring its own unprecedented development.  We recognize that many of these developments have impacted our giving partners in profound ways. Some of you have workplaces or businesses that have been forced to close. Some of you are fortunate enough to keep working but scrambling to find long-term daycare options for your children.  Some of you work in the medical field or in public service jobs that increase your risk for exposure. We recognize that these are uncertain and stressful times and we pray that each of you would be comforted in the days ahead by the “peace that surpasses understanding.”

As we at Seattle YFC strive to continue in faithful ministry, we do so in a new reality.  You won’t find our staff leading City Life Clubs this week, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find them in ministry.  With local schools on a six week hiatus, the students under our care have an abundance of free time and we are doing our best to meet their emotional, spiritual, relational, and material needs in a variety of creative ways.  Each staff member and intern has a list of students they are checking in with on a daily basis, making sure they are safe and that their immediate needs are met. With encouragement to practice “social distancing”; texting, social media, and video chats have become an even more preferred way of connecting with our youth and our staff is continually finding new ways to utilize these platforms.

One of the basic needs our students and families are facing is the need for groceries.  With many parents unable to work or facing reduced hours, simply meeting monthly expenses is an enormous challenge.  With that in mind, we are looking to provide grocery store gift cards to those families which are most in need. We could use your help!  By clicking the link below, you can donate to our COVID-19 Support fund. 100% of those donations will go directly to families experiencing financial strain due to the current pandemic.

Thank you for joining us as we continue to fight for the future of today’s youth.