Vasti’s Prayer Update - January 2020

Posted on by YFC Seattle

By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director

The start of 2020 has been the sweetest and most quiet I have experienced in a while. This month, I decided to commit myself to prayer and fasting - something I had never done before. My body, mind, and spirit feel very light. I have dwelt in the joy that comes with embracing the slowness of Jesus. It's truly breathtaking to think that Jesus was never in a hurry! Therefore, I am committed to slowing down and abiding in Jesus more! God, with no doubt, has amazing things in store for you, me, and our family at City Life! I smile as I look to the future because God is sovereign! Thank you for being on this ministry journey with me!


The snow day didn’t stop us from having City Life on Tuesday. My phone was blowing up very early that day with messages from students saying, “We are coming to church.” If I am honest, I was surprised! I really thought 3 at the most would show up, but we had 10 students! They were ready to learn about Jesus and have a snowball fight!

Our student of the month is Valeria. I have previously shared that I have known her since she was a 4th grader, but now she is now a freshman in high school. I love her deeply! Valeria has historically been the quiet student who sat nearby and would not participate unless invited. However, the last few weeks, she has been engaging with other students more and really stepping out of her comfort level to be seen by leaders and her peers. I celebrate that fear isn’t holding her back anymore!


  • Pray for me as I surrender the unknown that comes with being a DACA recipient. Pray that God's peace will overtake my heart.
  • Pray that our team will continue to experience rest of the heart, mind, soul, and spirit through Jesus! It's easy to hop on a hamster wheel and be overtaken by the sickness of hurry.
  • Pray for our students as they start to meet with a leader once a month outside of City Life on Tuesdays. We know that vulnerability may be the last thing they want to learn, but it's also the first they look for when meeting with a mentor. 


  • We are extremely thankful for Lake Sammamish Foursquare Church who has been providing snacks for our students weekly. They are loving it all! However, if you would like to provide a dinner meal once a month or even quarterly, please join us. You are always welcomed at our family table!
  • Winter Camp is quickly approaching and our students have money to raise in order to attend. If you feel called to give, please click here.
  • During the month of March, our students want to hear from people in our community. If you or someone you might know be interested in being a guest speaker or sharing with us a great life skill, please contact me. We would love to have you on a Tuesday!
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