God Continues

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By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director


A year ago this month, the world took a turn. Life hasn’t been the same since, but I can say that for me God continues to enhance my human existence on planet earth. 

I spent a lot of my mornings this month going on prayer walks around my community with my two loving, furry girls. I experience God through nature and feel more connected when I can see his creation. While I have seen the hardships, tragedy, and pain of life; I will also say I have seen the beauty of healing, redemption, community, and new life.

God has been so gentle with how He has been working in my life. I am spoiled to have a Father who cares for what can feel like silly heart desires. Ministry has not been easy with all the constant change and restrictions, but I have seen God grow so many of the students in ways that bring me to tears. It can be an easy trap to do ministry without Jesus. One thing is clear: He is working in the lives of City Life students despite how much or little I do.

Two Sundays ago, one of my students showed up to the Hilton Garden Hotel in downtown Bellevue where Kalos Church meets. I was a greeter that morning and as I was getting ready to leave my station, I noticed a young guy standing at the door. He looked really lost. I wasn’t sure if I should approach him or pretend like he wasn’t there. As I got closer, I realized it was one of my students. He was intoxicated and clearly had no idea where he was or how he got there. When I said his name, he responded in shame. He didn’t know how to apologize to me. He hated that I had now seen him intoxicated. He thought he was at the library, but I told him he was at church. While its easy to think that this was all a coincidence, I will say that it was God! He knew that he needed a place to be seen and reminded that Jesus is more powerful than drugs! How beautiful that despite his condition that morning God knew his name. God is so good.


My prayer continues to be “God break my heart for what breaks yours!”


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