Always Celebrate the Little Things!

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By Minta Buse, City Life Ministry Director & Casino Road City Life Director

It is really fun and easy to celebrate the big victories in life, but let's be honest - those happen few and far between. Life is mostly about doing small but important things a lot so that they compound into the big things! God also says that the small things are most important. Small things such as how we think about others in our hearts, how we show kindness and generosity, and how we show love!

At City Life, the challenges that face our youth are absolutely staggering sometimes! Poverty, abuse, discrimination, family drama, struggles learning, gangs, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes it feels impossible! So as a team, we have made it a practice to always celebrate the little victories!

Some of our recent victories are as follows:

  • Jose got his driver's license this month!
  • Jose and Dylan have started going back to school this week!
  • We hired Bubba, an amazing student leader, who has just turned 18 and has been serving for years. He is now an intern!
  • Josh is being discipled by our volunteer Eric!
  • Jovanni started coming back to City Life!
  • Despite the rise of shootings and violence in our neighborhood, everyone has remained safe!
  • We have amazing meal teams each week who serve the students awesome food as well as interact with and care for both students and staff!
  • We started our Burton Chill snowboard program with 8 students this month!
  • We have an awesome team of young leaders interning and student leaders!
  • We have great a training and Winter Camp coming up this next month!
  • We had more kids attend programs this month than any other month!


  • Pray for God to provide for our financial needs!
  • Pray for God to protect and heal the gang members in our neighborhood who have been shooting at our building and threatening to shoot our students who are gang affiliated.
  • Pray for God to bring all the students who need to be at Winter Camp to camp and that everyone would be safe, healthy, and come to know Jesus better!



Minta Buse

City Life Ministry Director | Casino Road City Life Director

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

[email protected]
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