Wrapping Up the Year

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By Alondra Guzman, Monroe City Life Intern

Hi there! It’s Alondra again! What a year this has been. This month has been a roller coaster here in Monroe. The community is hurt and healing. Our students are healing. I could go on, but I want to reflect on the amazing things we have done here at City Life - especially this month.

This time of year, most of our students feel alone during the holidays; I know I do sometimes. It can be difficult, but I’m so grateful to reflect on this month now that I am on winter break from both work and school. Woohoo! I’ve realized what we have done for our students with the help of our team and amazing support group! 

I wanted to reflect the holiday joy we shared with our site. We teamed up with Bellevue City Life to play white elephant, but with a twist! What a rush it was. The most wanted item was a robe and whoever got it, I hope they’re enjoying it! It brings me joy to team up with another site and get closer with every leader and student! Also, shoutout to Bellevue for taking our students to see Christmas lights. They absolutely loved it!

This month we had celebrations. We celebrated a birthday. Giovanni, who is a long time student of ours, turned 16! We had the honor of taking him out and trying Olive Garden for the first time. We also celebrated Christmas a bit early by gifting our students their brand new sweatshirts! A huge shoutout to Patrice Chauvin and Missy Maxson for their generous donations. We wouldn’t have done this without you!

Our last outing was to Bellevue to watch the Snowflake Lane parade. I was very excited myself since I have never been. It was so much fun being with our students playing Christmas games, exploring the massive mall, and saying "hi" to Santa Clause and the elf at the parade.

What a year it has been; I could reflect for forever! I want to thank everyone who helped this year go smoothly and created enjoyable moments. As the new year approaches, I ask for you to take a step back and reflect. It’s been crazy, especially here in Monroe. Our community is healing. If you haven’t been told, I want you to know how grateful I am for you! Regardless how crazy it has been, it’s also been joyful. I can see the joy in our students' eyes when we are there for them - so thank you. You all deserve a break for how amazing you all have been by supporting us and being able to manage your day to day life.


  • For the healing of the Monroe community during these times of tension
    For the new upcoming year.



Alondra Guzman

Monroe City Life Intern

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

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