Celebrating & Grieving - Yaritsa’s Prayer Update

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By Yaritsa Galicia, Monroe City Life Director


There is much for us to celebrate this month with our students moving up and the arrival of Hannah & Kian’s baby girl, but there are also things to grieve and process as well. 

Reasons to Celebrate:

  • Our 5th graders are graduating into 6th grade and hopefully will continue on from Kidz Club into middle school City Life.
  • Our 8th graders have graduated from middle school!  They will be starting their high school career and going into high school City Life!
  • Our seniors are graduating!  They have worked so hard to be successful in meeting all requirements for graduation while navigating the many hurdles that life has thrown at them including COVID-19 closing down schools since March.
  • Student Leaders have completed a year of serving in their communities at Kidz Club, Monroe Covenant Church, and/or City Life.  We are so proud of them and how they have dedicated time to serve and lead.  Each Student Leader was celebrated with a gift and award dropped off by volunteers.
  • Hannah & Kian Layson first met while volunteering with us at City Life.  They then got married and have now welcomed their baby girl, Eliana Hyoung Layson!  I am so excited to see their baby girl when it is safe to and congratulate Hannah & Kian in person!

Reasons to Grieve:

  • I’m sure you are all aware of the injustices in our society towards our black brothers and sisters.  I mourn with the families of the victims and feel sadness, anger, and frustration about the wrongs being done.  We need to see change. Lord, please deliver your justice and fill us with your peace and comfort!
  • I’m upset that I can’t meet in person with all my students to discuss these events and allow them to have a safe space to grieve and process all the information being thrown at them.


  • Join us in praying over each student's family: favor in the parents' work, finances, food supply, and family relationships.
  • Pray for our volunteers and community support members as they encourage and support City Life.
  • Pray for our students as they process news of injustices towards minorities all around our country.  We stand together against racism as God does.  May our students be empowered in their own skin and stand up for others.


We have an opportunity for our supporters to help out with the needs of our students.  If you would like to donate, please check out this link.  You can be a huge blessing to a family in need!

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