Welcome Back to City Life!

Posted on by YFC Seattle

By Andrea Martinez, Monroe City Life Intern


Hello! My name is Andrea and I am the second intern at Monroe City Life. I was asked to share the goodness of what has happened in the month of May!

This month, we were able to resume our regular schedule of City Life on Mondays, we celebrated our moms/mother figures for Mother’s Day, and had a fun day at the beach with some of our student leaders! We have definitely missed the environment of joy and excitement during City Life with our students! 

A few of our students also participated in making treat boxes for Mother's Day! Even though we have an honorary day to celebrate moms, they should be celebrated everyday for the hard work and sacrifices they’ve made for us!

Some of our student leaders were able to enjoy the sunshine at Mukilteo beach! They enjoyed a few games of volleyball and a small bonfire! Our student leaders have been very patient and gracious with the craziness of the pandemic! 

This month, my abuelo (grandpa) Joel aka Papucho, was rushed into the Monroe hospital. He had seizures, a few other complications, and caught COVID-19 while at the hospital. Although it’s been an overwhelming month, I have been hopeful and blessed with the joys of May!


  • For my grandpa, Joel, to recover and come home soon!
  • For our students, as they continue with in person school!
  • For our families to continue staying safe.
  • For peace to come in Israel and Palestine.
  • For vaccinations in our country and around the world.
  • For our justice system and the aftermath of the Chauvin verdict as our country continues to reckon with racism and injustice.
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