Ministry Update: South Seattle

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By Mark Schmor, Director of Engagement

On Mother’s Day, the Rainier Beach community was shocked when 19-year old Conner Dassa-Holland was killed in a random shooting.  Conner was not affiliated with YFC, but many students in our South Seattle City Life club were devastated by this news.

Cultured, our South Seattle club that meets every Thursday night during the school year, has been continuing to meet online via Zoom during the past few months.  As Mike Davis, our South Seattle Ministry Director, prepared for the Thursday night after Conner’s passing, he anticipated that students would need to use that time to process their grief.  Mike has received training to facilitate these types of conversations and as he listened to student after student express their sense of loss, he was mentally preparing to bring the conversation to a close with some words of hope.

Yet just as Mike was preparing to speak, a female student spoke up.  She told her fellow students that this tragedy was not God’s fault, but that God wouldn’t mind if they blamed Him.  She then proclaimed how in the midst of this tragedy that God was also inviting everyone to Him, because it is only in God’s arms that peace can be found.  As Mike explained later, “she took the words right out of my mouth”.  

We invite you to join the students of South Seattle in mourning.  We invite you to pray that in the midst of trauma and heartbreak these students would find peace and healing in the hope of Christ.

Part of what made this moment so powerful was the way in which a community of students were given the opportunity to express themselves and experience the presence of God. It just so happens that those are the three driving principles behind Cultured.  



The Presence of God.

It’s powerful to see those three elements come together.  To hear more about the vision behind Cultured, please watch the video below and consider being a financial supporter of the dynamic ministry that is happening within Cultured.



Join us in fighting for the future of today’s youth.


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