Encouragement For Your Soul: The Wonder & the Glory

Posted on by YFC Seattle

By Warren Mainard, CORE & Youth Ministry Network Director

The crowd wondered, when they saw the mute speaking, the crippled healthy, the lame walking, and the blind seeing.  And they glorified the God of Israel.” ~ Matthew 15:31

Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder.” ~ Eberhard Arnold

Have you ever found yourself longing for child-like wonder?  Remember the moment you discovered a rainbow hovering above the sprinkler or becoming the captain of a rocket ship while playing inside of a large cardboard box?

Wonder is an incredible gift to those who handle it with care, like a ladybug on the sleeve of an awe-struck child.

Wherever Jesus went, His words and works inspired wonder.  

When you are experiencing the power and presence of Jesus, you know it.  Your heart skips a beat, your eyes widen and your senses are aroused.  Suddenly, you are filled with expectation and anticipation, enthralled by the possibilities of what might happen next.  You pull close the people near to you and you explain to them the miraculous beauty they are about to behold.  Then, when Jesus does what only Jesus can do, you triumphantly raise your hands in the air, celebrating Him in revelry for the lives transformed by His heavenly touch. The wonder begets worship.

Yet, we have wandered so far from wonder.  Like an unwelcome bug, we flicked it off our sleeve so we can get to more important matters.  We have numbed our senses with digital distractions and jaded juxtapositions of modernity and banality.  We peel back every possibility with problems and dismiss those with expectant anticipation as naive dreamers. 

What if we prayed for the ebullient eyes of a child once more? What if we laid on the soft green grass, stared up at the bright blue sky and simply lost ourselves in the wonder of worshipping Jesus?  What if we entered into our next church worship service believing that Jesus was present and that He was about to do something amazing?  What if we believed that God still transforms lives?  What if we opened our eyes every morning anticipating a miracle?

Wonder is a gift for those who watch for it with wistful hope.

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