Ministry is the core of our Cultured mission.  Youth in South Seattle Communities hunger for direction and faith.  Jesus offers exactly what they need and our ministry seeks to weekly connects each young woman or man with Jesus.

Cultured Nights

Monthly Cultured nights bring youth from throughout the community together for art, music, dance, talk, discussions, prayer, Bible, and so much more. It is a fun time and a chance to take the next step in developing relationships that lead to a deeper connection with Jesus.

bible, Groups, Discipleship

Cultured works to walk side-by-side with youth through the challenges of life in South Seattle.  Regular Bible studies and discipleship groups can be the next step for many.  

The Cultured Team knows this can be a tough step and tailors the experience to youth served.

summer camps

For South Seattle youth, summer camps are a unique time to disconnect with the stresses inherent in their lives.  Cultured hosts multiple camps each year and bring youth together for fun, fellowship, and a time to reflect on how Jesus can bring healing, peace, and justice to life.

Cascades Camp group