For the majority of youth, school is the center of their life and is their community.  Cultured is present in local schools.

in local schools

Schools in South Seattle seek out the Cultured team and ask us to be present.  We have a long history working with South Shore Middle School, Rainier Beach HS, and Franklin HS.  Regular access to the students gives the Cultured Team the opportunity to interact, provide guidance, and lead a range of activities from lunch-time entertainment to Bible studies.

School assemblies are great opportunities to meet the students and publicize Cultured programs.

Dance team at assembly

rainier beach schools seek out Cultured

South Shore Middle School’s principal reached out to Cultured and asked for help with students struggling to fit in and dealing with tough situations.  The Cultured Team organized regular Sessions where 25 students, identified by the staff for focused attention, meet weekly for 8 weeks.

We seek to follow the example Jesus set to heal first.